Tottenham Hotspur confident of challenging plans to keep Hojbierk out of Madrid

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Tottenham Hotspur are confident they have enough charm to convince Pierre-Emile Hojbierk to continue working together. Despite being heavily link with Real Madrid.

According to ‘ Football Insiders ‘ , Hojbierk has been shortlisted to represent Carlos Casemiro, who will move from ‘ White King ‘ to Manchester United for 59.2 . million pounds  

The reason the Danes are a prime target is because coach Carlo Ancelotti has been a favorite. Since he was in charge of Everton in the English Premier League. But the option to move from Southampton to the ‘ Golden Spikes Chicken ‘ 

The 27 -year- old footballer is strong in playing a defensive midfield position. It’s still a tough line to get hurt. Since signing for Tottenham Hotspur in the summer of 2020, he has missed just two league games.  

His current contract has three years left and his role is now a pillar of the head coach era, with Antonio Conte playing 48 matches in all competitions last season.

Spurs believe the challenge of continuing to play ufabet in England will attract a tough midfielder . They are also about to experience the Champions League group stage for the first time in their lives.

Also, he is still just 27 years of age and as a result, very much entering his prime. But Hojbjerg’s current deal at Tottenham Hotspur is believed to run till the summer of 2025 though. As a result, it would not be easy for Real Madrid to sign him.