Rodgers threatens Big Top with a shrewd add-on, forming according to birth

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Rodgers , manager of the Leicester team, gave an interview to nudge Aiyawat Srivaddhanaprabha, chairman of the Leicester ufabet club, for lack of injection in the summer 2022 market, which if the last curve is still lonely, wants to I hope to finish the season with a good ranking.

Rodgers ‘ Fox ‘ started the new season with a draw , losing six of the most leaking defensive games , partly because the squad didn’t get better than before, with only backup goalkeeper Alex Smithies added in against the exit like Veteran Kasper Schmeichel is on the verge of selling centre-back Wesley Fofana.  

Rodgers If it works out like this, the Northern Ireland boss has gone to ‘ Big Top ‘ . Stop hoping for a top 5 finish like the 2019-20 or 2020-21 season. Cup football is beyond a miracle if you think about it. FA Cup wins like 2021 

” Let’s wait and see for the last one or two weeks before September, ” the 49 -year -old said. 

“ For me, let’s wait and see the conclusion at the close of the market. What I know is that there is a team of players who are ready to learn at hand. ” 

“ Love working with them. It’s the longest time since I’ve managed any football club. ”

“ That shows you the truth about love when working with a group of players here and contributing to the club. ” 

“ My ambition has always been to upgrade and develop the team. It’s something we look forward to doing again this season. ” 

“ If we don’t have reinforcements to upgrade and develop I’ll have to try and find another way to do it – get someone I think deserves more time on the field. Someone who can support the team. ” 

Originally , Leicester’s plan was to sell Fofana to Chelsea in order to raise money for the final arc. But it may be unexpected when ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ aims to exchange Christian Pulisic for Harry Maguire , resulting in the need to buy a perfume player from the King Power Stadium.